Save the Victims

Our Mission

Save the Victims is a non-profit organization that brings help and relief to kids who are victims of bullying or bullies themselves. We believe that in bullying, everyone involved is a victim and can be helped in one way or another. We would like to invite you to volunteer or become one of our "Friends in Finance" or to seek help here.

Our Family

Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell is our founder and main contributor to the efforts of this organization. She was born on November 3, 2000 and was 14 when this organization was founded.

Jean Russell

Jean Russell is the mother of our founder and is the organization's human resources person. She has been with the organization since the very beginning and is the person to go to if you want to sign up for any of our outreach programs or to volunteer or donate.

Tom Russell

Tom Russell is the father of our founder and is the CFO of this organization. He is in charge of all of our "Friends in Finance" and helped fund this project at the very beginning,


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...or visit us at Sonrise Church in Fort Wayne, IN to meet with our group.